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Valabhji J, Collins N, Young RJ, Nayar R, Rajbhandari S, Coppini D, Manu C,Dhatariya K Gooday C, Kong MF, Ashwell S, Nayak A, Robinson A, Gray H, Holman N, Edmonds M.

Does assessment and management for QTc prolongation on 12 lead ECG in the diabetes foot clinic reduce mortality?

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Dhatariya K Bain SC, Partly RE, Bush JB, Simpson R, Tarnow L, Stellfeld M, Kaltoft MS, Torno K.

Exploring the impact of liraglutide on diabetic foot ulcers in patients with type 2 diabetes and increased risk of cardiovascular events: results from the LEADER trial.

Presented at the EASD September 2017

Li Ping Wah-Pun Sin E, Cheng J, Li F, Yue A, Gooday C, Nunney I, Dhatariya K.

Glycaemic Variability As Measured By The Magnitude Of Change Of Visit To Visit HbA1c Concentrations Over The 5 Years Prior To Presentation, Is Significantly Associated With Rate Of Wound Healing In The Diabetic Foot

DFSG, Porto 2017