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Dhatariya K, Li Ping Wah-Pun Sin E, Cheng JOC, Li FYN, Yue AWY, Gooday C, Nunney I.

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Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 2018;135:23-29

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International Journal of Clinical Practice 2017;71(7):e12971

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Assessing the prevalence of dexamethasone use and subsequent glucose measurements in an unselected cohort of patients undergoing surgery – a single centre study.
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Dhatariya K.

The up to date management of neuroarthropathic joints.
Diabetic Foot Journal Middle East 2017;3(1):6-9

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The effect of radiological contrast media on renal function and inflammatory markers in people with diabetes – a clinical study and review.
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Dhatariya K

Oral versus intravenous antibiotics for moderate infections in diabetic foot wounds: what are the considerations?
Diabetic Foot Journal 2015;18(4):198-202

Baxter M, Gooday C,Dhatariya K.

The effect of radiological contrast media on renal function and inflammatory markers in people with diabetes – a clinical study and review.

Gu Y, Kokar C, Gooday C, Morrow D, Dhatariya K

A 5-year follow-up study to assess clinical outcomes of patients with diabetes undergoing lower limb angiography for significant peripheral artery disease.
Diabetes Therapy 2015;6(3):1-13

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The effect of anaemia and abnormalities of erythrocyte indices on HbA1c analysis: a systematic review.
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Admission blood glucose helps predict one year, but not two year, mortality in an unselected cohort of acute general medical admissions.
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Hypoglcaemia in the Elderly Patient
GM 2 April 2015

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Is septic arthritis arising from a diabetic foot wound a diagnosis that we should consider more often?
Diabetic Foot Journal 2015;18(1):14-18

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J J Food Nutri 2014; 1(1):3

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Should patients with active foot ulcers be non-weight bearing or take exercise to improve cardiovascular fitness?
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The Management of Hyperglycaemia and Steroid (Glucocorticoid) Therapy
Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care, October 2014

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Diabetsity in Practice 2014;3(2):59-67

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