Excellence in Patient Care Award

Dr Ketan Dhatariya has been presented with the 'Patient-centred care award'.

Royal Society of Medicine Video Presentation

Dr Ketan Dhatariya covers the effect of diabetes care on surgical outcomes. Dr Dhatariya discusses the importance of peri-operative glucose control, presents data on hospital stays, and looks to future health programmes for guidance.

This lecture was filmed at the 'Diabetes and surgery: a multidisciplinary approach' meeting at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

Date of lecture: 19th of October 2016

Length: 00:30:58

Dr Ketan on Skin Cancer

Dr. Ketan Dhatariya talking about the dangers and prevention of skin cancer on Mustard TV.

Talk At American Endocrine Society March 2015

BBC Radio Norfolk Interview

Quality in Care Award

Dr. Ketan Dhatariya was awarded the Quality In Care award for ‘Best admissions avoidance and/or safe discharge initiative’.

To read more about the project and the prestigious award click here.

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