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Dhatariya K, Li Ping Wah-Pun Sin E, Cheng JOC, Li FYN, Yue AWY, Gooday C, Nunney I.

The impact of glycaemic variability on wound healing in the diabetic foot – a retrospective study of new ulcers presenting to a specialist multidisciplinary foot clinic.
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The cost of treating diabetic ketoacidosis in the UK: a national survey of hospital resource use.
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Assessing the quality of primary care referrals to surgery of patients with diabetes in the East of England: A multi-centre cross-sectional cohort study.
International Journal of Clinical Practice 2017;71(7):e12971

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Assessing the prevalence of dexamethasone use and subsequent glucose measurements in an unselected cohort of patients undergoing surgery – a single centre study.
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Implementation of a new foot assessment tool for people with diabetes in hospital.
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Dhatariya K.

The up to date management of neuroarthropathic joints.
Diabetic Foot Journal Middle East 2017;3(1):6-9